RED Laser Disco Light Hire


Laser source:
Red [email protected]

Works exceptionally well in conjunction with fog machine.

Range of up to 100m

Projection Mode: Sound Activated, AUTO


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Laser Characteristics:

AUTO / Sound Activated / Rotation effect.
Various laser patterns/effects.
Cooling system in Intelligent temperature control.


External Color:Black
Laser source: Red [email protected]
Warm up time: 2-8 Minutes
Work environment: Indoor 10-40° C
Projection Distance: Up to 100M (Projecting in dark environment, other brighness of light will affect its effect)
Projection Mode: Sound Activated, AUTO
Size: 106x104x55mm
Weight: 1.0Kg

Comes with:

  1. Laser light
  2. Power cable
  3. Mounting Bracket